Coaching and Outplacement


Coaching complements the actions of management and human resources development.

Take a step back to increase performance

It allows a senior executive or a manager to speak, to think, to step back and work on himself.

Individual interviews and tested methodologies

Each intervention is mainly based on individual interviews conducted in a specific way. They rely on the positive engagement of the executive, the coach’s abilities, and the use of appropriate tools.


Integration Coaching

One hundred crucial days

Your first weeks in a new function are decisive for your and your firm’s success.

To gain recognition

To be recognized is different than to be known. While everyone may recognize your skills, you will gain respect listening and by taking into account the views of others. This also serves to motivate your teams and to convince them that your decisions and their implementation are well-founded.

An individual and operational approach

Our methodology is personal and operational. It covers a period of two to three months with sessions of two hours each held in our office.


Leadership coaching

To take a step back in order to act, and to drive action 

This is to allow an executive or a manager to take distance from the daily business, to ask himself the right questions, to find the proper answers, to act himself and to make people move and act with speed and efficiency.

An asset to a company facing an international competitive environment

The main role of a manager or an executive is to help his firm to grow, whatever his immediate responsibilities are.

Strong international competition, the extremely rapid evolution of new technologies, and the quick strategy changes of competitors make our leaders’ tasks particularly difficult. In this context, the leader must face varied and sometimes conflicting situations in human, commercial or technology matters.

Excel and lead by example

To overcome such difficulties, one must take some distance from daily business, to ask oneself the right questions, to find the proper answers, to act and make people act with speed and efficiency. Each person must excel so as to make his team excel too, for the company’s benefit.

An outside look combining objectivity, gentleness and tested methodologies

It is almost impossible to effectively coach oneself, because of the self-perception and impartiality required to accomplish the task successfully.


Professional evolution and outplacement

Self-knowledge for self-fulfilment

One has to build his career. At each step, an executive or manager has to make choices concerning his professional evolution. Therefore, he has to evaluate his motivations, his professional skills and his social network. He should choose the position which enables him to develop himself and to progress toward his long-term objectives. 

To act with perceptiveness and impartiality

It is nearly impossible to do this alone. However, it does become possible for anyone to achieve successfully via the intervention of a methodical and impartial coach.

A tested, individualized and operational method

Highdev coaching methods are individualized and operational. The working sessions take place in our office. The objectives is to allow the executive to develop to his optimum by evaluating in detail his personal and relational abilities, as seen by his achievements and behaviour.


Some examples of Highdev coaching and outplacements

  • Director of the international consolidation of a large high-tech group
  • Director of customer services and quality of a service group
  • Director of communication of a large industrial group
  • Director of research and development of a high-tech group
  • Director of research and development of a software editor
  • CEO of the European subsidiary of a large B2B industrial group
  • CEO of a B2C industrial group
  • Director of human resources of an electronic company