Key People

Within any organization, key people are members who really make a difference because of their role, their expertise and their behavior, regardless of the hierarchical position or form of contractualization.

Globalization and digital are disrupting the world at lightning speed. Companies need fluidity, agility and ability to bring together very diverse profiles according to needs and circumstances.

Some employees must be bearers of a vision and support the company over the long term, others stay shorter, the time of a project or a mission.

The economy has entered an era of chronic uncertainty. We were looking for those who succeeded in their previous mission, now we must also look for those who are able to evolve in an unfamiliar environment. Those who are agile and will know how to reinvent their profession without setting limits. Those who will learn how to take advantage or create new opportunities in changing contexts.

We do search for all these talents that are, at some point in time, key in your organization.