Interim Management

Interim management

Interim managers from Highdev Transition take on unusual or urgent assignments, such as getting an organization back on track, effecting an urgent transformation, or initiating a new project.

They can also replace, in a hurry, a manager that just left the company, taking over until a new manager can be chosen. Sometimes they may be asked to keep the position permanently.


A quick solution to be found

In as little as two to four days, the transition manager is ready to take over the assignment.


With a long run experience, immediately operational and ready for action

Highdev transition managers are deeply experienced executives. Through their specific expertise they are able to conduct temporary operational assignments, surmounting difficulties and always adding value.


Overqualified persons

Our transition managers are very often over-qualified for the task at hand, ensuring that in the shortest time their mission is a success.


The five key steps of a transition management mission

Highdev works by your side from the analysis of the situation through to the final baton pass. The main steps for each mission:

  1. Understanding of the company’s overall situation and of the mission as well as abilities required
  2. Manager selection
  3. Manager takes over and prepares detailed action plan
  4. Compare intermediate results to the objectives and plan corrective actions, if required
  5. Final evaluation, recommendations and baton pass


Some examples

  • Take leadership of a start-up during 18 months to get it to the next level
  • Take over an e-commerce department while helping the company through a business model change
  • Re-build an entire information system after the system broke down
  • Help a HR Director with his daily functions while he concentrates on the execution of a lay-off plan
  • Take over as General Manager of a big group subsidiary and build a new development strategy, when the previous GM took on a new position in the firm
  • Establish a new financial plan and support the operational team after surprise bad results…