Pierre Peyruseigt l Blandine Bachellerie l Gaelle Brunetaud I François Bourin l Paul Gomory l Xavier HottelartMark J. Landay l Joanna de la Mora l Nadia Mordelet l Michel Quenet l

Pierre PeyruseigtPierre Peyruseigt  Founder & C.E.O.

Pierre, CEO and founder of Highdev, in 2003, leads the firm and brings his management and human resources background to search and coach top executives.

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Blandine Bachellerie

Blandine Bachellerie  Partner Paris

Blandine brings her experience of luxury markets to search managers for companies particularly working in BtoC.

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François Bourin

François Bourin  Executive Advisor Paris

François brings his long coaching and outplacement experience as well as his entrepreneurship and leadership background to media and information technology companies.

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Gaëlle Brunetaud  Partner Paris

Gaëlle brings her ability to catch weak signals as well as her experience with start-ups and IT companies to search and coach leaders in their career. 



Paul Gomory Partner San Francisco

Paul Gomory recruits, from San Francisco, CEOs and Vice Presidents for emerging technology companies in the USA and Europe. 



Xavier Hottelart

Xavier Hottelart  Partner Paris

Xavier brings his extensive knowledge of electronic semiconductors and telecommunications sectors and his ability to deal with these areas in constant evolution.

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Mark J. Landay Partner Los Angeles

Mark J. Landay, from Los Angeles, for over two decade, provides start up and growth companies with retained executive recruitment.

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Joanna de la Mora  Consultant & Team Leader

Joanna brings to Highdev her extensive experience in researching experts and executives as well as her multi-cultural experience particularly in Europe and North America. Therefore, she coordinates the research unit of the firm.

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Nadia Mordelet Partner Paris

Nadia brings her international experience in the IT sector as well as her coaching and organizational coaching skills to support senior executives and leaders and organizations in their evolution.



Michel Quenet SIte Web Light (3)

Michel Quenet  Partner Paris

Michel, after a long human resources carrier in large groups brings his experience of talent finding and selection in leading the Highdev research team.

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Thierry Serrano – Guerra  Partner Nantes

Thierry brings his managerial and financial experience in emerging markets to support and search senior executives and leaders in their career development.