Highdev supports executives and leaders at each step of their careers.


Highdev Executive Search

Highdev Executive Search, through a direct approach mode, recruits Board Members, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, Human Resources VP, CTO , Sales and Marketing  VPs, CDO…

Expert Search

Highdev Technologies

Highdev Technologies specialized in direct approach search and rare or highly sought-after experts in information technologies such as Managers, Architects, Experts in Big Data, Business Intelligence, New Technologies, ECM, Web Technologies…

Interim management

Highdev Transition

Highdev Transition’s Interim Managers are used to dealing with unusual situations, and even urgent ones such as straightening out and transforming a business, or starting a new project.


Highdev coaching and outsourcing

Individual coaching is a complementary service to managing and developing human resources. When executives join a company, we provide integration coaching; when they are into a new position, we can provide leadership coaching; when leaving a company we can handle their outplacement.